What can I dispose of in the bins?

The list is too long to complete but here are a few items that are more commonly disposed of:

  • Renovation debris such as windows, lumber, siding, shingles, baseboards, carpet, drywall, old fixtures…
  • Landscaping materials such as trees, brush, fencing…
  • Junk from garages: old patio sets, tools, lawn equipment– even barbecues (without the propane tank)
  • Junk from the home: old furniture, couches, games tables, office furniture, appliances that are Freon free…


What cannot be disposed of in the bins?

This is very important as heavy environmental fines can be applied if any of the following are placed in the bin:

  • Fridges or freezers containing FREON
  • Liquid or their containers
  • Food, railroad ties, household garbage
  • Paint or oil products (or their containers)
  • Toxic or hazardous materials (or their containers)
  • Chemicals, solvents, oil drums, oil tanks, batteries, tires
  • Animal carcasses, manure
  • Any pressurized tanks (or containers) – these can cause serious injury or even death. EG: Propane tanks, aerosol cans.
  • If you are unsure please call 710-QWIK (7945) we will be happy to assist you.

How can I book a bin?

It is as easy as calling 710-QWIK (7945).

What time of day do you drop off the bins?

At QWIK DUMP we are flexible – we attempt to find a time that is convenient for our customers.

Do I have to be at home or site when the bin is dropped off?

We understand that this may not always be possible, in this case, our driver will place the bin where it was agreed to by you.